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When you find the right routines, habits and mindset, you can accomplish great things. Let me share a lifetime of proven perspectives that are sure to impact your health.

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I remember when I thought it was a personal weakness that my lunch started at a fast food restaurant and ended with gooey chocolate. Why didn’t I simply do what I knew was right? It took a bunch of failures, but eventually, I created my healthy habits and a bucket of energy by setting myself up for success, relying on solid routines, changing my mindset, and dropping that useless view that eating and exercise are either all good or all bad. Now I get to help others build healthy lifestyles — and they are able to stick with them!

The Super Simple Strategy You Can Use Today to Keep from Falling Off the Healthy Eating Wagon


Struggling to stick with your healthy eating goals?

The Super Simple Strategy You Can Use Today to Keep You from Falling Off the Healthy Eating Wagon

What should I eat?

Drop the worry and erase the confusion. You can feel confident about what to eat. Read a set of articles handpicked to answer readers’ and clients’ most common concerns. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Meal planning tips
  • How you can eat healthy at home and in restaurants
  • What you should drink
  • Home and work strategies to manage your food choices
  • How to build healthy lifestyle habits
  • So much about fats, carbohydrates, sodium, fish and more!