7 Simple Ways to Reverse Prediabetes

Lifestyle Reset: Your 24-Hour Prediabetes Action Plan

healthy fish and salad for prediabetes action plan

Learning you have prediabetes leaves you with lots of questions. Here’s your prediabetes action plan from getting out of bed in the morning to turning out the light at night. Prediabetes is a wake-up call. It’s a sign that something is metabolically awry. Your very…

Can You Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes?

Revers diabetes chart

If you have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, will diet, weight loss, and exercise give you a clean bill of health? A lot of people ask me if they can reverse diabetes or prediabetes. For some, the answer will be yes. But not for everyone….

What is the Best Prediabetes Diet?

peanut stew

Your best prediabetes diet uses 5 key strategies. And it doesn’t mean not eating carbs. Find sample meals and plenty of tips for healthy eating for prediabetes. What you eat can help you avoid the problems that often accompany a diagnosis of prediabetes. You might…

Are Berries Good for Diabetes and Prediabetes?

a handful of strawberries

Clients and readers often ask me what fruits are good for diabetes or prediabetes. It’s really a simple answer: All of them! Every single fruit has a unique array of disease-fighting nutrients and phytonutrients like beta-carotene, lycopene, polyphenols and more. Research suggests that berries have…

Add These Foods to Your Prediabetes Diet to Prevent Diabetes

Foods for prediabetes infographic

Here’s the prediabetes diet food list you’ve been looking for. Be sure to include these 7 types of foods on your menu for delicious diabetes prevention. If you’re worried about developing type 2 diabetes, add these foods to your prediabetes shopping list today. Prediabetes: A…

2 Surprising Foods for Prediabetes and 20+ Prediabetes Diet Recipes

What’s a good food for prediabetes, or what’s a good prediabetes diet?   These are pretty common questions. And very often my clients are surprised that carbs aren’t off limits in a prediabetes diet. There’s a lot of wholesomeness in foods with carbohydrates. Fruits, vegetables,…

Should Prediabetes Treatment Include Medication?

Do you wonder if you should take medication for prediabetes? Lifestyle changes are the key factor for preventing type 2 diabetes. There is no better prediabetes treatment. Healthy eating, weight loss if necessary, physical activity, sleep and other lifestyle habits rein supreme for reversing prediabetes…

To Reverse Prediabetes, Start Now!

Eating healthfully, which includes lots of vegetables is one way to help reverse prediabetes.

Is prediabetes serious? While it’s true that prediabetes is NOT pre-problem, there’s so much you can do right now to prevent type 2 diabetes or even reverse prediabetes. Prediabetes is NOT pre-problem! Statistically speaking, there’s a pretty good chance that you or someone you care…

Prediabetes: A Complete Guide

Now Available Order On Amazon! The latest numbers from the CDC suggest that nearly 1 in 3 adults have either prediabetes or diabetes. These are alarming numbers, and finding out that you are the one out of three can be even more alarming.  Shock, denial, and confusion…

Prediabetes: A Complete Guide

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