Meet Jill

Healthy eating just seems so … difficult!

You find a plan, commit to it, and you’re off.

But something happens — maybe an injury, an extra work project, or someone at home is especially needy — and you’re right back to your old habits.

Or maybe your new plan is tasteless and boring, so you create convincing excuses to quit.

Or your life is just too hectic to give healthy living the attention it deserves.


All of it leaves you disappointed in yourself and frustrated with your situation.

You can stop feeling guilty, overwhelmed or deprived.

I believe simple changes in your health habits will deliver life-changing rewards.

And I believe willpower is way overrated.

From those who are changing ...

“You have helped me turn the corner to a much healthier lifestyle. I feel more and more liberated every day instead of feeling deprived from fear-based choices!”


“You are a great source of moral support and information on my wellness journey, especially in this crazy world of quick fixes and judgment. I have renewed optimism and energy about what I can accomplish.”


Imagine this ...

  • You’re confident, in control, strong and healthy because your lifestyle habits finally suit you.
  • You actually look forward to seeing your lab results because you know you’ve made — and stuck with — smart changes.
  • You smile when you brush up the cookie crumbs because what once made you feel guilty no longer does. Now you know that cookies are a treat — not a cheat.
  • Your new healthy choices are automatic because you’ve formed good habits. And when you’re ready, you know you’ll form another. And then another.
Struggling to stick with your healthy eating goals?
The Super Simple Strategy You Can Use Today to Keep from Falling Off the Healthy Eating Wagon
The Super Simple Strategy You Can Use Today to Keep from Falling Off the Healthy Eating Wagon

When you join this community, you’ll discover the mindset and habits to stick with healthy lifestyle choices most of the time — and drop the guilt when you don’t.

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Hey there! I’m Jill Weisenberger …

… a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified diabetes care and education specialist, certified health and wellness coach and certifiable food lover.

Changing my habits and thoughts brought me greater health and more joy. I’ve helped thousands of others improve their health too.

I remember when I thought it was a personal weakness that my lunch started at a fast food restaurant and ended with chocolate. Why didn’t I simply do what I knew was right? After some soul-searching and a few (or a lot) of missteps, I did. Bit by bit, I created my healthy habits and a bucket of energy by setting myself up for success, relying on solid routines, changing my mindset, and dropping that useless view that eating and exercise are either all good or all bad. With relief, I discovered that not eating perfectly isn’t a personal weakness.

I can help you too.

Whether you have diabetes, prediabetes, heart disease or you simply need a better way to lead your life to avoid health problems down the road, you’ll find answers to your questions about food, nutrition and healthy habits right here.

Be sure to check out all four of my books

My newest one, Prediabetes: A Complete Guide, will walk you through an individualized plan for your health-changing lifestyle reset.

Prediabetes: A Complete Guide "is an invaluable and comprehensive resource for anyone diagnosed with prediabetes. Packed with practical, realistic and delicious lifestyle tips, Jill covers everything you need to know in order to steady your blood sugars and take control of your health.”

Joy Bauer, MS, RDN | Health and Nutrition Expert for NBC's TODAY show and best-selling author of From Junk Food to Joy Food.

“With all the noise out there, this was one resource (book and Facebook page) that was especially clear, easy to understand, and encouraging.” (Prediabetes: A Complete Guide)


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A More Personal Glimpse

If I’m not counseling and coaching clients, consulting to some of my favorite food brands, tethered to my computer or otherwise working, you’ll likely find me in the kitchen cooking up something nutritious and delicious. Or perhaps I’m out jogging, keeping up with two beautiful daughters, letting my dog in and out, (and in and out again and again) or simply trying to sneak some quiet time with my husband. And whatever I’m doing is likely to involve dark chocolate, strong coffee, fragrant tea or peanut butter.