The Scrumptious Passover Brunch Recipe I Won’t Make This Year

Orange matzoh brei is the healthy Passover brunch recipe with the perfect amount of sweetness. Orange juice, cinnamon, vanilla and a touch of sugar make it scrumptious.

Healthy Passover brunch recipe - orange matzoh brei on a blue plate

Why is this Passover different from all others?

With stay-at-home orders layered on top of anxiety about health, the economy and loved ones, what is normal these days? Certainly not Passover!

I miss my girls.

Who gets the lick the spoon after spreading warm, melted chocolate over matzoh covered with a ton of butter and sugar? Who gets to take home the last of the matzoh ball soup that simmered on the stove for hours and filled the kitchen with the scents of holiday and family? This year my girls won’t spar for licks and leftovers. We’re having our joint Passover seder in separate homes connected by the miraculous Internet.

This year is my strangest Passover ever. And I imagine that’s true for all of us, as well as for those celebrating other holidays and special events.

Orange matzoh brei is a perfect healthy Passover brunch recipe

My heart hurts because my daughters and son-in-law won’t be here this year for me to treat them to delicious Passover meals, including this yummy Passover brunch recipe. I think it’s true:

my love language is food.

Last year, I created a healthified version of a traditional Passover recipe for Food & Nutrition magazine as part of a sponsored project with the Florida Department of Citrus.Healthy matzoh brie for Passover with orange juice

I grew up eating and loving savory matzoh brei with onions, mushrooms, and lots of salt. As a kid, I was no fan of Passover. The holiday was boring. We had to avoid so many favorite foods like grilled cheese sandwiches, spaghetti and cookies, but matzoh brie was one of the few things I loved about Passover.

My kids discovered sweet matzoh brei that was really much too sweet for a grownup palate or for a nutritionist’s stamp of approval. You should see the lake of maple syrup they poured on top!

What makes this matzoh brei different from all others?

My orange-infused version with only a touch of added sugar is the perfect bit of sweetness. It’s got a grownup taste, but kids will love it.

Get the recipe on the Food & Nutrition magazine website. It calls for these ingredients:

  • Orange Juice
  • Matzoh
  • Eggs
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Dried cranberries
  • Cooking oil

You’ll start this healthy matzoh brei on the stove and finish it in the oven.

Drizzle a bit of honey or dust lightly with powdered sugar.

Preparing a matozh recipe over FaceTime

I got to lick the chocolatey spoon this year. And so did Erin. We made chocolate-covered matzoh together over FaceTime.

I hope you have family or friends with you to share this and other Passover favorites. Maybe I’ve changed my mind. I think my husband and I will enjoy my orange matzoh brei recipe this year after all. There will be plenty for a second and third meal. And no sparring.

Cheers for finding beauty and deliciousness in this season as we navigate the turmoil of covid-19.

Jill Weisenberger

Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, CDE, CHWC, FAND, is a Nutrition, Culinary & Diabetes Expert, Wellcoach®-certified health and wellness coach, Freelance Writer, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator. She's also the author of four books, including a best-seller. She's a nationally-recognized media expert in high demand for print and online interviews, as well as corporate and one-on-one nutritional counseling. Jill's philosophy is that nutrition science should be understandable, realistic and oh so delicious.

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