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How to Exercise While Social-Distancing & Not Feel Lonely

Working out at home using FaceTime and a TV

There are lots of ways to workout at home. But some of them are just plain, well lonely. Here are 10 ways to sweat out social distancing. And some of them won’t make you feel so alone. How am I going to tame that anxious…


Get Out of That Chair Now for Better Health! How to Stop Sitting So Much

dogs can help you avoid too much sitting

Get out of that chair and off that couch. Sitting too much is bad for your health. Here’s how to stop sitting so much. Sitting too much makes me stiff and uncomfortable. But with new research in recent years, it also makes me worry about…


Exercise and Diabetes: How Much and What Types?

Exercise and Diabetes hiking

I’ve gotten several questions recently about exercise and diabetes. Here’s one from someone with type 2 diabetes. Q: Every website I look at gives me different recommendations for the amount and types of exercise I’m supposed to get. Some say aerobic exercise 30 minutes three times…


Staying healthy on Vacation

Healthy eating out

When it’s finally time for a vacation, all I really want to do is close the door to my office and get going. But that will never do because one of my goals is to come home without the regret of an unhealthful diet or extra pounds….


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