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10 Super Simple (almost painless) Ways to Eat Less Salt

fresh tomatoes are natually low in sodium

You can eat less salt and still love the taste of your food. These 10 ways to eat less salt will please you and the fussy eaters you spend time with. I’ve had a few flavor fails in my quest for healthier food. I bet…


Surprisingly High Sodium Foods + Tips to Reduce Sodium Intake

citrus zest to lower sodium in food

It’s not what many people think. The saltiest foods are not the salty-tasting peanuts and popcorn. In fact, these are often surprisingly low in sodium. You simply can’t use taste to determine the amount of sodium in food. Salted peanuts, popcorn and chips taste salty…


Sweetly Spiced Chicken Thighs with Sunkist Minneolas

healthy chicken thigh recipe

I hear a lot of complaints that healthy food is bland. Hah! And this meal is proof of just how delicious nutritious can be. Thanks to Sunkist for sponsoring this recipe blog post. Sunkist has compensated me for my time, but my words, advice and opinions…


5 Mistakes You’re Making with Herbs and Spices

Red Lentil Stew with Cliantro

Herbs and spices can take everyday cooking from good to great. Here are 5 common mistakes with herbs and spices & tips for using them for flavor and health.     Fresh and dried herbs and spices can take everyday cooking from good to great….


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