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Foods High in Resistant Starch

Muesli & raspberries over cottage cheese

Don’t resist resistant starch! It’s a good-for-you carbohydrate that’s worth seeking out. Resistant starches are a type of carbohydrate. More specifically, they are a type of fiber. As their name implies, they resist digestion in the small intestine. Because they are neither digested nor absorbed, they…


I went to Canola Camp

One of the best things about being a registered dietitian nutritionist is learning about food, food and more food, especially when that learning comes with eating! What a treat for me in July when I was a guest of CanolaInfo to their beautifully designed and…


It’s Mediterranean Diet Month!

Delicious, nutritious and loaded with health boosters. With an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, spring and summer are the perfect times to welcome aspects of a Mediterranean-style diet into your home and onto your plate. This diet style is linked to better brain functioning,…


Welcome to my Blog

Hi there! I'm Jill, a nutrition & diabetes expert and the author of 4 books.

Jill Weisenberger

I believe simple changes in health habits can bring you life-changing rewards.

And I believe willpower is way overrated.

Right here is where you can discover the mindset and habits to stick with healthy lifestyle choices most of the time - and drop the guilt when you don't.

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