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What You Need to Know to Get Health Benefits From Tea + How to Brew the Perfect Cup

black tea steeping with fruit

Here’s how to sip up the health benefits of black tea, as well as oolong, white and green teas. Plus, learn to brew the perfect cup of tea. Drinking black tea from a pretty cup is one of my favorite ways to catch my breath…


Here’s How to Love the Taste of Water

Glasses and pitchers with water, fruit and herbs to flavor water naturally

Flavor water naturally and deliciously. These fruit, veggie and herb combinations will change your mind about water being boring. Nearly every beverage is more inviting than plain water. Boring, tasteless, and yuk are some of the descriptors I hear. Sometimes (okay, maybe often), I don’t…


Best Drinks for Diabetes

Selzter with berries is a good drink for diabetes

Are those sips and gulps helping you or hurting you? Just like the food you eat, the beverages you drink affect your blood sugar control, weight, cholesterol level, overall health and wellness, and your risk for several lifestyle-related diseases. So just what are some of…


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