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The Easy (Really) Way to Rock Your Health Goals

3 questions to help you find your gateway health goal

It’s time to embrace easy! Easy is the path to meeting those health goals you’ve been struggling with. Yes, I really do mean that. Over the years, clients have told me that they have to ride themselves hard and make big sweeping changes. Otherwise, they…


Diabetes Bedtime Routine for a Soothing Night & Energized Day

herbal tea in cup

A good set of habits makes your life easier, healthier and safer. Changing up your habits a bit can improve your diabetes control. The way you end your day sets the tone for your sleep and for the following day. If you have diabetes, your…


Build Healthy Habits When You Lack Discipline

Healthy Habits Require Change

You can develop good habits even when you lack self-discipline. Here are 5 steps to build a healthy habit. Yep, I do go jogging nearly every day before breakfast. I always eat my vegetables. And I never fail to sing a cheery hello to my…


Welcome to my Blog

Hi there! I'm Jill, a nutrition & diabetes expert and the author of 4 books.

Jill Weisenberger

I believe simple changes in health habits can bring you life-changing rewards.

And I believe willpower is way overrated.

Right here is where you can discover the mindset and habits to stick with healthy lifestyle choices most of the time - and drop the guilt when you don't.

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